About Us

SHE counselling puzzle picture  During my eight years working in a clinical social work position, I came to realize there is a lack of services focusing on treatment specific to women. Instead most services offered were generic. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many women through the years. Most of which benefited from working with someone who can understand their experiences as a woman in today’s society; someone who understands how valuable their time is.

SHE offers a social work therapist who can provide a safe and confidential environment.

At SHE you can express yourself, process your emotions, and restructure your thoughts all the while learning the skills necessary to assert yourself as a woman in today’s world. Women are complex, and often the need to feel and understood goes unmet. Instead we are often required to put our needs aside to meet the needs of our partners, children, aging parents and friends. We are taught that we can have it all, but often the cost is to our mental health. We often experience depression, anxiety, high levels of stress, self doubt and internalize our perceived failures. Psychotherapy can help a woman to better understand herself, her thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our behavior sometimes manifests in certain unwanted behaviors. Through the combination of relational theory and a feminist perspective a better understanding of decisions, actions and ourselves can be realized.

SHE offers therapy from a feminist lens

SHE offers therapy from a feminist lens that can help an individual move toward better decision-making, and self-acceptance, two elements that can improve relationships and life in general. Working on her first and recognizing how our world and our role is socially constructed is essential. Working through these issues are essential because it determines a woman’s experience in life and her relationships with people around her. SHE offers an opportunity to build a new pathway toward the development of a healthy sense of self. This includes helping a woman reach increasing levels of choice, complexity and satisfaction with her relationships. “ I am just thriving to be more than I ever been” ~author unknown

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