A Weekend with Oprah

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A Weekend with Oprah!

Recently, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the “Life You Want Tour”. The Atlanta date was the first in a series of weekends in various U.S. cities that Oprah and her trailblazers would visit. I traveled alone and had the experience of a lifetime. I spent my first day doing the tourist thing, CNN, Coke, Centennial Olympic Park and the Center for Human and Civil Rights. If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Atlanta please visit the Center for Human and Civil Rights, it was both an educational and powerful experience.

Overall it was a seamless and speedy process to enter the arena, once seated I looked up and there was our Canadian flag hanging in the Philips Arena! (Some may think this isn’t a big deal, however the Canadian flag was the only flag hanging from the rafters. I felt I was where I belonged; apparently I was wrong. Due to some issue with seating I had to move. During this process I met Barry, Oprah’s producer. Barry gave me what he considered the best seat in the house…his!!! I was moved to the VIP section, seated third row center stage and that isn’t even the best part yet!!! I shared my row with Rob Bell, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert and Iyanla Vanzant!

Oprah, the electricity in the arena when she walked on stage was overwhelming. Or maybe it was the fact that I was with around 20,000 like-minded individuals. Oprah took the stage, (about twenty feet away from me) looking beautiful, shared her personal story and her dream of making this weekend a reality. Oprah is very down to earth, speaks her truth, laughs at herself, some of her ideas, experiences and yes her disappointments. Again bringing it home she told the story of when she was trying to be someone else not her authentic self and pronounced Canada wrong! She acknowledged the struggles that we all experience, insecurities, lack of time and money to do what we want, too many responsibilities etc. While we have no shortages of excuses to not live the life we are meant to we must follow our path regardless of all the reasons we shouldn’t. In spite of what others think, in spite of what we think, worry or ponder we must move forward into the life we are meant to have. The haters are going to hate, but as Oprah says that is for them to figure out, not for us to worry about.
The overall message I took from Friday evening with Oprah is that we all have to live in our own truth, to do this we need to live a life of purpose. To do this we will be living our true calling. How will we know? We will have purpose, have the ability to fill our own cup (all the while being grateful that we indeed have a cup), there will be passion in our everyday lives. I know this advice to be true; as I feel fulfilled, purposeful and alive each time I walk through the door to SHE. Our life is only going to be as good as we are willing to allow it to be, for that we must walk through the fear to explore and find our place in life. We must live our lives, not someone else’s.

The following are some quotes from Oprah and her Trailblazers.

“When in doubt do nothing, be still, get silent for the answer to come. You will feel it, you will know.” Oprah

“Happy people have purpose and meaning in their life.”~ Deepak Chopra

“Good friends tell you what you don’t want to hear.” ~Iyanla Vanzant

“You must stop being who you have always been to become who you are meant to be. “Elizabeth Gilbert.

“Everyday deserves fine china.” ~Rob Bell

I met some amazing, strong and powerful women on my weekend with Oprah, most importantly Oprah put me back in touch with myself. The woman who wants to help others and be a bit better than the woman I was yesterday.

Thanks Oprah!
More to come on day two, the trailblazers, and a few good women in my next blog.

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