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Our Saturday began with morning mediation with Oprah and Deepak. It was amazing how the arena became so quiet that this could even happen.


Most prominent exercise this weekend was showing us how often we want more for our loved ones (spouses, children, friends) than we want of think possible for ourselves. We believe more is possible for others but not ourselves.


Deepak Chopra: Happy people have purpose and meaning in their lives. Define what this means to you, your happiness is dependent on it. We cannot define a meaningful life by looking at others. and try defining our lives according to theirs.


Rob Bell: EGRP = Extra Greased Required Person!!!! Loved this one, we all have one, two or maybe even a few in our lives. Those people that just rub us the wrong way. Once we come to terms with the reality of our relationship with these people, we acknowledge that extra grease is required. This knowledge will make our interactions with them much easier and a little less stressful. This will result in a better outcome, as we are prepared going into these interactions.


Elizabeth Gilbert: Historically women were never heroines in any hero stories. As women we need to be our own heroes! Take responsibility and take action to start our own great quest. Many of us our standing in the threshold waiting to walk/move through. Step into what you are hoping for, wanting, and dreaming of…just step.


Iyanla Vanzant: Words, be careful with them as words aren’t just words!!!! How we tell our story – can define not only our experience but also who we believe we are and what we are capable of. Let’s stop lying to ourselves; we are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for.


The women of the weekend, I had some great interactions with many women. I met Yvette who is a life coach. Chandra who is a reporter covering the weekend. As well as a few mother/daughter’s attending the weekend. All with the same goal improve our own lives and share with others.


Learning ‘s from the weekend:


Most important confirmation is whom we surround ourselves with at many levels define who we are. Not always in a positive light.  So be mindful of whom you share your time with and bring to your inner circle.  Who we spend our time with says a lot about who we are, and what we stand for.


This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Barry, Oprah’s producer. Greg, her stage manager; and Felicia; Deepak’s Media Relations Manager. All three individuals were amazing; Barry actually gave me his seat.  Greg and I had a conversation lasting some time, about Canada and playing hockey in Toronto. Felicia and I discussed how Deepak didn’t understand why people make such a big deal about him. She gave me her card to contact her to see Deepak in the future, as he loves to come to Canada. These three individuals were great representatives of the people they consider friends, they care about not only the people they work for/represent but they also care about everyone.


I witnessed the trailblazers accommodate others with autograph’s and pictures, taking away from their own experience Friday evening. I actually had my picture taken with Elizabeth Gilbert on Saturday when she decided to let those who wanted have their picture taken with her instead of going to lunch.  If Oprah and Deepak are anything like Barry, Greg, Felicia and Elizabeth then they are amazing!!!

The weekend reminded me to let go of people who don’t share my journey. There’s no point in keeping people in our lives just because it’s easy. If they don’t help grow you then they can extinguish any growth. Often when we grow and change, friends and family don’t and don’t understand why we do. They don’t have to understand, and they don’t have to agree. Surround yourself with people you share interests with, are like-minded and do no harm.


My three takeaways from the weekend are:


Gratitude:  start with your breath, with this all is possible! Next time you think there is nothing to be grateful for remember you are breathing aren’t you?

Surround: myself with good people in my life who challenge me to grow.

Know: I am valuable, my contribution is as well. There’s only one me and remember to breathe.

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