The life you want begins with the relationship you have with yourself. Whether or not it is healthy is dependent on your belief system, what you believe you are worthy of, what you believe you deserve in your life and what you are willing to accept or let go of. Defining this will likely last throughout a lifetime.

Next we have our friendships, who we let in, who we let stay speaks volumes about what we think we are worthy of. However it appears we prefer to gage our success on our relationship with our significant other (I think this stems from the old belief system that a woman is only worthy if she has and keeps a man). Of course we then move to the house we live in, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, etc.

What about our relationships with our friends? Our female counterparts? Are they not important to us, or are they only there for moments of despair to bring out as needed in our desperate moments for support. This brings me to my valued relationship with my best friend, this fall we will celebrate 30 years of friendship. Does that sound odd? We don’t often hear that a friendship is being celebrated but we often have cards, parties etc. for married couples that reach these milestones.

Cheryl is my best friend, we have seen the best and worse of each other, and we’ve had hard conversations with each other that probably scared ourselves as the risk of being so honest. But we do, we love and respect each other enough to be honest. Knowing full well that it comes from a place of caring. We aren’t in competition with each other, we support one another. She is my go to girl (and I hope I am hers as well). We share our lives, not just what we think will be okay, there is a confidence in this relationship that only grows when we know we aren’t being judged by one another.

My hope is that as you read this blog, you reflect on the relationships you share with other women in your life. As you do this evaluate where they currently are (good or bad). What has been your contribution in nurturing these very important relationships? Then reach out, send a message to these women, for no other reason

than you love and respect them. Because they are in your life, your life is better. Be grateful to have them in your life and let them know.

So the message if you are missing it is to first nurture your relationship with your self, then reach out to nurture the other important women in your life. We are more alike then different.

So this blog is dedicated to my lifelong friend, Cheryl, without her I would not have experienced the true meaning of friendship. Thank you! As Maya Angelou would say Cheryl you are a “Phenomenal Woman”.

Together we rise…


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